Ready To Take Your Idea Global?

01 Aug,2015

Ready To Take Your Idea Global?

Have you heard of Innovation 4 Impact? If you haven’t you’re totally missing out! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we caught up with Ammar from Thomson Reuters who is one of the people behind the initiative to find out more:

What motivated you to start Innovation 4 Impact as part of the Global Islamic Economy Summit? Innovation 4 Impact is a competition that aims to support entrepreneurs and businesses in the Islamic digital economy and serve as an incubator for SMEs across the world. And the Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) initiative aims to provide a nurturing and a well-rounded infrastructure for the Islamic economy. It’s now clear more than ever, that the Islamic digital economy is an integral part of the broader economy, particularly, the digital domain has become far more important in the lives of many growing Muslim population across the world. And so the GIES is perfectly situated to host Innovation 4 Impact.

What role does Innovation 4 Impact play in the Islamic Economy? A source of inspiration for entrepreneurs in the Islamic digital economy, driven by success stories. Innovation 4 Impact is intended to highlight the best Islamic economy start-ups and initiatives that are blooming from across the MENA, South East Asia, North America and Europe and elsewhere – to support their growth, sustainability and scalability.

What are you hoping to achieve from the competition? We are looking for entrepreneurs with businesses and ideas whose Islamic digital solutions are disrupting the ‘status quo’, and improving the lives of Muslims in any part of the world. Our goal is to bring about these entrepreneurs and provide them with global platform to showcase their story.

What can start-ups gain from participating in Innovation 4 Impact? A great deal of benefits, including a platform to globally showcase their business to over 2000 delegates ranging from investors, business leaders and government officials. Selected finalists will win a paid trip to Dubai to showcase their business and the winner will receive a combination of incubation services. This includes direct support to establish their business in Dubai and the opportunity to bypass the normal selection process and directly pitch their business to the incubation selection committee of the Silicon Oasis Founders Investment Fund.

We also have a few words from Faisal Masood, the Founder of the American Muslim Consumer Consortium (AMCC) who are one of the organisers of Innovation 4 Impact. He said, “AMCC is a registered, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing the American Muslim consumer market. The objective of AMCC is to empower Muslim Consumers and entrepreneurs. Since 2009,imgresAMCC has held an annual conference and Entrepreneur Competition in the US showcasing businesses and entrepreneurs whose products and services come from socially responsible ideas that benefit consumers as well as comply with Islamic values. This year we are honored to be able to take AMCC’s vision to a global level by collaborating with Thomson Reuters at the GlES 2015.”

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to showcase your business and to potentially expand into Dubai! Make sure you apply here.

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